Domagoj off the court

Height: 198 cm
Weight: 100 kg
Shoe size: 47
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: brown
Offensive position: centre back
Defensive position: everything
Family: mom Ivanka, dad Ivan, sister Iva
Love: girlfriend Lucija, my love:)
Flaws: sleepyhead, laziness
Virtues: you’ll have to ask the people around me
What I value most in friends: selflessness, honesty, reliability
What gets me the most angry: injustice, hypocrisy, lying, when somebody wakes me up in the morning :)
What makes me the most happy: when people around me are happy, hanging out with my friends and family, success in the work I do, resting, lots of things..
Hobby: I don’t have a hobby
Clothes I like wearing: sports clothes
My favourite colour: blue
Currently I’m driving: Audi S5
Movies or theater: movies
Favorite movie: The Intouchables
Favourite actor/actress: Leo DiCaprio and Monica Belluci
Favourite male/female singer: Doris Dragović and Oliver Dragojević
Favourite city: Hamburg, Đakovo, Dubrovnik
Where would you like to travel: Japan
Every summer I vacation at: every year it’s a different place, but I always set one week aside for a vacation in Dubrovnik
Pets: don’t have any, but we all have a soft spot for my sister Iva’s little Pug Ninja
Favourite sport besides handball: I like all sports, but most of all football
My role model: Ivano Balić
I support: all the clubs with members of our national team
Favourite athlete: Dražen Petrović
Favourite match: Kiel - HSV Hamburg, semifinal of the Champions League
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